Mail enviado a The New York Times respecto al mensaje público de la Policia del D.F. (Secretaria de Seguridad Pública) en Twitter @POLICIADF

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Subject: A Big News of Mexico City's Police Department
Date: Fri, July 16, 2010 1:07 pm

Hello New York times

I hope this news will become interesting to you.

Today the Mexico City's Police Department posted in its twitter an amazing
A brief resume before the news:

"Franeleros" are people that make "little" extorsions everyday to car
owners to "share" parking space in the streets all around Mexico City and
the country. There's an article in Wikipedia about it

And it was amazingly surprising how the Social Communication Office of
Police Department wrote:

"Franeleros are a necesary evil"

and they dare to even put a blog-note referring to such idea.

It's amazing how that "activity" is explicitly forbidden in Federal Laws
(Código Penal Federal) and Civic Laws (Ley de Cultura Cívica del Distrito
Federal) and the Police's chores about it are clear and explicitly
described and the mediocrity and lazyness of Mexico's police is clear and
evident when they dare to make a public statment selling the idea citizens
must suffer this dialy based extorsion because "we (the citizens) promote
those persons by giving them money"... and clearly giving up to their

I really don't know if this could be a News for you "Internationals"
sections, but it clearly reveals how are our government, authorities and
police department. Its lazy and cynical attitude

I attach the image with the Tweets and of course you can visit its Twitter
List at:

P.S. As you may know, in following ours Police's mindset, they can track
my IP address and put me charges stating: "You are arrested by putting our
National Security in risk" or something like to acusse me with anything
they invent in order to relief their anger of being evidenced of their
mediocrity. I hope on God it doesn't happen

P.S. 2. Of course it's anonymous by obvious personal security reasons

Kind regards